79% of twenty-somethings prefer parents to mates for travel partners



Mirroring the ‘boomerang’ trend of young adults moving back home with their parents, research from holiday brand First Choice has found that twenty-somethings are making similar choices when it comes to their travel partners – with over three quarters (79%) choosing a holiday with their parents, over a break away with their mates.

The study of young adults aged 20 – 30 found that a quarter (23%) pick a holiday with mum and dad to help relieve their bank balances, and nearly 1 in 5 (18%) use what they save on parent-funded family holidays to have additional holidays throughout the year with friends and partners.

The research found that three quarters (75%) of parents covered some of the costs for their adult child to join them on a multi-gen holiday, with ‘the bank of mum and dad’ forking out an average of £371 per adult child. However nearly a third (29%) said they funded the entire holiday, all expenses paid.

But it’s not just to save money – a quarter (24%) admitted to holidaying with mum and dad so they can enjoy the finer things in life, experience a more ‘luxury’ hotel, or explore a new or exotic location they would otherwise not have been able to afford.

With nearly half (43%) of young adults having already enjoyed a holiday with their parents in the past year alone, the study reveals further reasons for this growing trend. Two thirds (62%) said they wanted to spend quality time with the family, with 1 in 5 confessing they actually prefer a break away with their parents to their pals.

Over a quarter (27%) of the always-on generation confessed to choosing to holiday with their parents to avoid the pressures of having to party or “look good” on a holiday with friends.

A further 21% said they picked a family getaway for ease, as it all just gets booked and arranged for them, with one in five choosing parents over pals so they can relax and truly be themselves (with no pressure to chit chat!)

It also seems that the ‘boomerang’ generation are helping their parents to become more adventurous with their holiday choices, with a third of parents (34%) saying they’ve tried an exotic or long-haul destination thanks to the influence of their adult children – with the USA, Egypt, Thailand and Croatia topping the list of destinations they are considering or have been to, in place of old favourites such as Spain and France.

“Taking the opportunity to explore far-flung locations and try out exciting activities as a family”

Katie McAlister, chief marketing officer for First Choice, said: “It’s really interesting to see just how many young Brits are choosing to holiday with their parents, to reconnect and spend quality family time together. We are seeing more families than ever looking to travel together, taking the opportunity to explore far-flung locations and try out exciting activities as a family. We pride ourselves on offering all-inclusive holidays to suit everyone, no matter the family set-up – jam packed with legitimate reasons to brag.”

In line with the multi-gen trend, First Choice has identified new ‘Brag Broods’, aligned to guest personality types and holiday needs to help travellers find the perfect trip to suit their individual family setup – all with a brag guarantee:

  • Grown-up gang – this tribe might not live together any more – the kids have moved out – but that doesn’t stop them going away as a family. Forget kids’ clubs and splash parks, these guys like to catch up over cocktails and beers at the bar, and spend their evenings trying tasty dishes at the à la carte.
  • Fidgety families – this lot aren’t about the fly-and-flop – they make their memories on action-packed adventures. From scuba diving to cycling, from jet-skiing to tennis, it’s go-go-go for this thrill-seeking lot. But when the kids are asleep, it’s time to relax, unwind and enjoy the entertainment.
  • From babies to Baby Boomers – age is just a number to these families, who like to take at least three generations on their holidays. Babies and toddlers are often looked after by Gran or Grandad while parents are free to relax, hitting the spa and adults-only pools.
  • Backpackers with babies – these babies and toddlers are notching up their passport stamps in their first years on the planet – having little ones doesn’t stop the parents from going on adventures abroad. You’ll find them in family-friendly resorts that make it easy to travel with tots in tow.
  • Globetrotting grandparents – this tribe’s made up of older grandchildren treating their favourite grandparents to a week in the sun. Long breakfasts and leisurely beach walks are on the agenda for this lot on their relaxing week away.

Top 10 reasons why ‘Boomerang Brits’ are holidaying with parents

  1. To spend quality time with my family
  2. To save money
  3. Because they are nostalgic for past family holiday memories
  4. For ease, as it all gets booked and planned
  5. So they can truly be themselves – no pressure to chit chat
  6. Because they prefer to holiday with parents over their friends
  7. So they can afford to have multiple holidays during the year
  8. To enjoy a nicer experience – such as fancy restaurants and day trips
  9. To experience a more luxurious hotel, compared to what they could afford
  10. They would feel guilty if they didn’t