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On Thursday amazon announced that it had secured the domestic broadcasting rights to 20 live Premier league matches from 2019, including Boxing Day fixtures, and weekly highlights on its Prime Video service, only available to amazon Prime members at a cost of £79 a year.

Amazon is looking at what its policy towards pubs and bars should be and publicans fear that the technology giant’s rights deal will push up their costs.

Individual pubs are already paying out an estimated £20,000 a year for sky and BT subscriptions.

“We hope amazon’s offer of Premier league football will benefit pubs. it is essential new entrants do not push up the prices pubs pay to broadcast live matches,” said Brigid Simmonds, CEO of the British beer and Pub association.

“There’s no better place to enjoy live sport on the TV than at the Great British pub and we look forward to working with amazon to ensure that pubs continue to be the best place to view the Premier league.”

Amazon already has the rights to the us Open Tennis, ATP World Tour Tennis events and nFl american Football games.

Amazon vice president of Prime Video in Europe Jay Marine said: “We are always looking to add more value to Prime, and we’re delighted to offer, for the first time, live Premier league matches.”


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