Angel Di Maria reveals Real Madrid STOPPED him playing World Cup final | Football | Sport



The 30-year-old has revealed how had sent him a letter, saying the thigh injury he had sustained in the quarterfinals of the tournament was too severe and so were banning him from playing in the final.  

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Di Maria says he received the letter at 11am on the day of the World Cup final, when Argentina would face off against Germany.

But the now star was determined to play.

“If I break, then let me keep breaking. I don’t care. I just want to be able to play,” Di Maria said to Argentina’s trainers at the time.

He suspected Madrid wanted to sell him in the summer and had heard rumours that they were eyeing up Colombia midfielder James Rodríguez after the World Cup.

“They didn’t want their asset to be damaged. It was that simple,” he said.

“That’s the business of football that people do not always see.”

Di Maria wrote about Real Madrid’s actions in an article for The Players’ Tribune, titled ‘In the Rain, in the Cold, in the Dark’.

“I remember getting the letter from Real Madrid and tearing it up before I even opened it,” he said.

Di Maria recalls he had struggled to sleep the night before the final with fans were setting off fireworks outside Argentina’s hotel throughout the night.

“It is impossible to explain the feeling you have on the night before a World Cup Final, when everything you ever dreamed about is right in front of your eyes,” he said.

He recalls the moment he spoke to Argentina’s manager Alejandro Sabella before the game – a conversation that would see him cry.

“What still haunts me is the moment when I went to speak to Sabella, and I broke down in tears in front of him. Because I will always wonder if he thought that I was crying because I was nervous,” he said.

“In truth, it had nothing to do with nerves. I was overcome with emotion because of how much the moment meant to me. We were so close to achieving the impossible dream.”

Sabella started with Enzo Perez ahead of Di Maria. Argentina lost to Germany 1-0 to an injury-time goal from Mario Gotze.

“Hand on my heart, the truth is that I just wanted us to achieve our dream. I wanted us to be remembered as legends in our country. We were so close,” Di Maria said.

“That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to me when I see the reaction to our team in the media in Argentina. 

“At times, the negativity and criticism is out of control. It is not healthy. We are all human beings, and we have things going on in our lives that people do not see.”

After the tournament Real sold Di Maria to for £60m.

He played 27 games and scored just three goals before being sold in 2015 to PSG for £44m.

As for Di Maria now, he is currently in Russia at the with an Argentina squad that is on the brink of going out.

He played in the and was left out of the team that .

He will start against Nigeria tomorrow and knows only a victory will suffice if Argentina want to progress to the last sixteen.


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