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Thanos just ended haf of all life across the universe. How can anyone face that?

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Excitement is already growing for what will be revealed in the Captain Marvel movie next March, just weeks before Avengers 4 hits screens.

Samuel L Jackson returns as a younger Nick Fury and has just teased that Carol Danvers’ powers will be like nothing we have ever seen before and are the key to defeating the Mad Titan and undoing The Snap.

Brie Larson, meanwhile, just revealed the staggering scale of her character’s abilities.

Larson told E! last night: “She’s so strong – she can move planets. So for me, it was like – ‘how far can I go with this strength?’”

Remember how impressed everyone was when Thanos pulled on that moon over Titan and exploded it?

Captain Marvel can control entire planets. But it’s not just her incredible strength that may be the key to saving the universe… 

Samuel L Jackson told Vulture: “Who’s really dead, and who’s really in the flaky wind of Marvel dust, I don’t know, but I do know there’s a solution that they didn’t even have to tell me, just because I know who Captain Marvel is and what all that means.”

Captain Marvel is the “solution” to it all, it seems.

Fans already know her powers and abilities transcend our own dimension and she is expected to demonstarte some kind of control over time, since her movie is set in the 1990s and she has been absent from the MCU since then.

Jackson made it clear how committed Larson is to the role, but also ended with the confirmation that Captain Marvel is “the most powerful character” in the entire MCU.

That means heroes AND villains. Thanos has finally met his match.

Jackson added: “She (Larson) wants it to be a special film, she wants it to represent women, she wants it to be a film that has heart and depth.

“Brie grabs information from everywhere: Who was the first female pilot? What were her struggles? She wants to make sure all of that is embodied in the character to give it the justice of the woman’s struggle, to follow her from where she was to becoming this great force, because she’s the most powerful character in the Marvel universe.”


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