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Conscious Infinity Stones? Surely not?

Well that’s what thinks, especially because of the Soul Stone and hints given in Avengers Infinity War.

But could all the others be working to protect themselves and stop Thanos somehow?

Check out the detailed theory below, Infinity Stone by Infinity Stone to see what you think.

Space Stone

“The earliest owners of the Space Stone that we know of are the Asgardians. I think that it is more than plausible that the Asgardians developed the Bifrost from the Space Stone.

“The next users are Red Skull and Hydra, who used it to make weapons and expand power. The Space Stone teleports Red Skull to Vormir when he touches it, and I believe that this is because the Space Stone is aware of how power hungry Red Skull is and wants to stop him from going after the Stones himself.

“The Space Stone does this by sending Red Skull to Vormir, where the Space Stone knows Red Skull has no one to sacrifice and will sacrifice himself. This also helps the Soul Stone protect itself by having a guide.

Soul Stone

“The Soul Stone clearly sets up its own roadblock in getting the Infinity Stones by demanding a sacrifice to get it. Also it appoints Red Skull as the Stonekeeper, which shows that it can very directly affect someone.

“In this theory I’d argue that the Soul Stone had the Space Stone teleport Heimdall to it in order to give him his powers. Heimdall’s vision is very similar to the connection you get from possessing the Soul Stone, and the colour of his eyes correlate with the Soul Stone.

“I believe the powers were granted to Heimdall, so that there would always be someone to see if someone went collecting Infinity Stones or to see if an attacker came to Asgard, which housed multiple Infinity Stones at times.”

Mind Stone

“The first time we see the Mind Stone in action is with Loki in the Avengers. The Mind Stone was given to Loki by Thanos in order to conquer Earth. “This is often seen as a stupid decision on Thanos’s part, because [why] risk losing the Stone you already have. I believe that the Mind Stone may have influenced Thanos’ mind into thinking this was a good idea.

“Being used on Earth allows the Mind Stone to end up free from Thanos’s grasp. While on Earth the Mind Stone is responsible for helping to create three superheroes who could help fight Thanos: Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. I know Quicksilver died, but it’s the thought that counts.

“The three heroes seem to have Infinity Stone based powers; Vision (Mind Stone), Scarlet Witch (Reality Stone), Quicksilver (Time Stone). This may be the Time Stone trying to create beings powerful enough to fight off an attack from Thanos, and even maybe purposely creating someone who can destroy Infinity Stones just in case.

“I’m not convinced of this, but maybe Ego was created by the Mind Stone as a protector, but he was to crazy. The outside of his brain was blue, just like the Mind Stone’s outside in Loki’s staff. Just a random side thought though.”

Time Stone

“The Time Stone was a crucial part of establishing the wizards on Earth and multiple Sorcerer Supremes. The Time Stone may have done this consciously in order to protect itself and the other stones that were on Earth throughout the years.”

Reality Stone

“I believe that the Reality Stone May have influenced Malekith into wanted to plunge the Nine Realms into darkness. This would have hidden multiple Infinity Stones that were within the Nine Realms at the time.”

Power Stone

“The Power Stone has some clear similarities to vibranium and Wakanda. First off they have the same general colour (groundbreaking theorising I know). Second off they have a strength enhancing herb, which is similar to the power boost from the Power Stone.

“I propose that the meteor with all of the vibranium was sent and made by the Power Stone, because it would help Earth advance with its amazing properties.

“Earth end up holding quite a few Infinity Stones, and the Power Stone may have known this and decided to help protect Earth. If my Ego theory is correct, Star-Lord’s connection to the Infinity Stones may have let him hold the Power Stone.”


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