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Just how on earth are the survivors of Avengers Infinity War going defeat Thanos after that ending?

Well one new fan theory that has been up-voted on Reddit over a thousand times reckons Iron Man is the key and he’s going to have to die.

writes: “After watching Infinity War, it is subtly hinted that Tony Stark may be the key to Avengers 4.

“Doctor Strange sacrifices the Time Stone and himself and the rest of the heroes on Titan to spare Tony’s life.”

They continue: “Doctor Strange even passes an all-knowing glance to Tony. Essentially, whatever timeline Doctor Strange foretold would need Tony as a key player. But why him?

“It’s been theorised before that Stark’s arc reactor is essentially a man-made Infinity Stone. While I believe this isn’t true, it is correct in saying that Stark has developed a way to contain and stabilise a massive energy source in a container, in order to utilise said source.

“As we have seen, containers are very important in utilising the Infinity Stones.

“The Space Stone was in a Tesseract, the Mind Stone in a staff, the Reality Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, they were all a container.”

The theorist added: “We know from Guardians of the Galaxy that a living being cannot hold a stone for long without the use of some container to conduct and channel it’s energy. This is why Stark is important, he is a living container and would be able to contain a massive energy source in his arc reactor outlet.

“Infinity War even makes a point in the park scene with Tony and Pepper to show him retaining his arc reactor even though he doesn’t really need it anymore.

“That is particularly interesting since the Russo brothers have said that scene was much longer before with a bunch of character cameos but they had to cut it down, and still they kept this piece of exposition in it.

“It’s still not clear what stone he will posses or if he will be the vessel for all the stones to undo the Snap.”

They concluded: “The Infinity Gauntlet is destroyed and can’t be reused for this, and it’s even hinted that Thanos’ arm got messed up with it. There is a reason people haven’t used the Gauntlet before, because the use of all the stones together had such a huge cost and would kill a normal living being.

“My prediction is that Tony will be the one to undo the Snap and he will be the major casualty of Avengers 4.

“This sort of makes sense though, since Stark has been trying to undo all his mistakes and continually tries to atone for them. His sacrifice would complete his arc of atonement.

“Plus, since Shuri is in the works as the best tech genius around, Stark really has no use to the team in this role any longer.”

Avengers 4 is released in UK cinemas on April 26, 2019.


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