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Renner was completely absent from Avengers: Infinity War, after fans’ suspicions were raised by him being MIA in all trailers and posters.

Now, as speculation continues over next year’s as-yet-untitled sequel, one theory over how he’ll be added to the two-part story has proven very popular on Reddit.

Titled ‘My dream Avengers 4 opening’ and written by user blakhawk12, it’s got a lot of readers wishing for it to become a reality.

The Redditor wrote: “Movie starts with the Marvel logo. Like IW there is no music, instead we can hear muffled sounds: a battle, a snap, ‘What did you just do?’ ‘There was no other way’ ‘He actually did it’.

“Opening shot is of a blue sky. Pan down to farmland.

“‘Oh are we going straight back to Thanos?’ No. The camera pans left, where we see a farmhouse with three figures in the yard.

“Cut to Clint playing tag with his son Cooper while his daughter Lila plays on the porch. Everything is fine, they’re laughing and life is good, until Cooper stops running and looks distressed.

“‘What’s wrong buddy’ Clint asks, seconds before his son vanishes into ash. Clint looks up in a panic to see his daughter fade away on the porch.

“He runs inside and finds his wife Laura standing in the living room holding their youngest son Nathaniel.

“‘Clint, what’s happen…’ she starts to say, before she and her child also disappear.”

The theory continues: “Any other man would break down, but not Clint. His face his filled with steely determination as he runs downstairs to the basement.

“In the corner he opens up a dusty briefcase. Clint grabs his bow. Cut to Wakanda.”

As an addendum, blakhawk12 updated the post to say: “Several people have pointed out this would also work as an end-credit scene for Ant Man and the Wasp, and I’ve decided I like that idea better.

“Keep everything from above except the intro and ‘cut to Wakanda’ and it works.”

It would certainly make for an impactful opening.

Avengers 4 is out in 2019.


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