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Thanos has six Infinity Stones. He just wiped out half of life across the universe.

Who can possibly stop him? Perhaps that question should be what can stop him.

Everyone has been concentrating on time travel theories and alternate dimensions but the filmmakers have already said that nobody has come close yet to guessing the full story.

A powerful new argument uses the following evidence from Infinity War to explain exactly what will bring down Thanos in the most devastating way.  

Revisiting the movie it is clear how Thanos’ behaviour changes drastically.

At the start he is utterly relentless and also takes clear pleasure in his killing those in his way. 

Ebony Maw telling Cull Obsidian to “let Thanos have his fun” when fighting the Hulk. The Mad Titan almost gloats as he tortures Thor physically and emotionally before killing Loki. He smiles when torturing Nebula.

Everything changes with the Soul Stone.

It isn’t just his sadness over sacrificing the only person he loved, Gamora. Mantis says he mourns for her, but his behaviour across the board has changed.

Red Skull said the Soul Stone comes with knowledge. Redditor user 8isak1 argues that the stone “gives the wielder insights into the emotions and motivations of those he comes into contact with.”

Red Skull immediately knows that Thanos isn’t crying because he can’t complete his mission, but because he loves Gamora. 

After this scene, Thanos never shows any joy in killing again. He feels compassion for Tony Stark on Titan. He takes much longer than he should to defeat Captain America in Wakanda. Why?

He can feel their pain, their suffering, everything they have been through, everything they fear to lose.

Thanos struggles against Wanda, who must be giving out overpowering grief after killing Vision.

The theory adds: “He isn’t struggling because Wanda is powerful, since he has 5 goddamn infinity stones at this point. He’s struggling again because her grief is the same grief he feels when he has to kill Gamora. They both had to kill loved ones to complete their mission. He can’t bring himself to easily overpower her because he’s again reminded of Gamora.”

“After the snap, he looks around confused and dazed. I think he can actually feel the connection to half the souls in the universe being severed at once.”

Most theories think the Avengers will go back in time, collect the Stones and then face Thanos again in a rematch, possibly even in Wakanda.

This new theory is much more compelling, suggesting that Thanos will struggle with what he has done and the constant knowledge and awareness of all the lives he took.

He will face the overwhelming compulson to reverse The Snap but still retains his conviction that it was necessary. This theory argues Thanos himself will shatter the Gauntlet and separate the stones so that nobody can undo his work, destroying himself in the process.  

The theory concludes: “Thanos’ arc is over, and instead of just being defeated, he has become the ultimate hero in his own arc and sacrifices his own life for what he believes to be universal salvation… This also ties into the fact that he said “I was the only one with the will to do what is necessary”. He always believed the culling of the population should be dispassionate, but it is literally impossible now that he has to bear the burden of all the sorrow in the universe.”



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