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There’s always been a healthy rivalry between comic book franchises Marvel and DC.

However with ’s massive successes and DC’s limping flops, it’s not surprising there’s been some serious banter from those in the MCU.

Appearing on , Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 screenwriters Markus and McFeely were asked what they would do to fix Warner Bros’ DCEU.

Markus said: “I would look at what Marvel did out of necessity in that they didn’t have their A-list characters.”

He continued: “They didn’t have Spider-Man, they didn’t have the X-Men, and they went down the line and found a – I mean, he’s pretty f**king famous, he’s Iron Man, but he wasn’t then – and they made a really good movie out of him.

“I might put Batman and Superman and everybody else, I mean Wonder Woman is doing fine, aside for a second, go through the vast world and go, ‘That guy’ or ‘That girl’, and go, ‘Let’s just make a really good movie and not a universe and see what happens.’

“There’s a lot of spaghetti being thrown at the wall.”

In a recent interview that took place in Berlin, Germany, the actor did not mince his words when it came to comparing Marvel to its comic book movie rival, DC.

According to Digital Spy, when asked what the difference between DC and Marvel was on screen, he said: “Total failure and massive success.”

Brolin’s response may be considered brutal by some, but looking at the box office figures and reviews, he’s certainly not wrong.

Late to the shared universe game, DC should certainly have crossed $1 billion with something like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However poor reviews and a lack of appetite for the DC Extended Universe saw Justice League – the actual crossover team up movie – flop at $657 million. 

Meanwhile apart from Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, the rest of the films are rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

In comparison the Marvel Cinematic Universe has literally gone from success to success. 

Apart from mostly positive reviews across 19 movies, the franchise is the highest grossing of all time with $16.8 billion.


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