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weather forecast claimed the glorious weather is expected to continue this weekend with the possibly the hottest day of the year on the way.

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A period of high pressure has brought scorching weather to the UK this week and temperatures are expected to .

BBC weather forecaster, Chris Fawkes, said: “As far as the temperatures go, over the last five days we have seen highs reaching the 30C mark or higher, it has been an exceptional run of weather.

“We have got more of that hot and sunny weather to come today. Although we do start off with quite a bit of cloud across central and eastern parts of Scotland, central and eastern parts of England as well.

“That cloud is going to break up and we will see some hot spells of sunshine coming through.

“Sunny skies for the bulk of the country, through the bulk of the day.

“The hottest weather today across southern and western parts of England and Wales where I think the hot spots could just push into the very low 30C’s.”

Moving into Sunday, the BBC forecaster added: “Sunday will bring us a subtle change in the weather, the winds are going to start to come in from a southeasterly direction dragging some more humid air our way.

“For England and Wales it will be a more humid day and we will start to see some showers break out across south-west England. They are likely to be heavy and thundery and could be quite slow moving as well.

“Little bit more way of cloud in the far north-west of the UK as well, but otherwise it is another hot and sunny one.

“Humid, and temperatures, well look at these. Highs pushing into 30C in London we could see the highest temperature reach around 32C or 33C so it’s going to be pretty close I think to having the hottest day of the year so far.”

Temperatures on Thursday reached 32.9C Porthmadog, according to BBC weather forecaster Simon King.

The forecast “dry, sunny and locally hot weather” on Sunday, but warned of thunderstorms.

A statement on its website reads: “A good deal of dry, sunny and locally hot weather is expected again.

“However, some showers are possible across southwest England, south Wales and northwest Scotland, which could be thundery.”

The outlook for Monday to Wednesday adds: “Patchy rain may affect Scotland on Monday, and southwest England may see a thundery shower, mainly at first.

“Otherwise, the weather looks set to stay dry with locally hot sunshine.”

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, expects hot temperatures to continue into next week.

He said: “This weekend will see a slight reduction in temperatures of late, but it will continue to be warm.

“As always with this type of heat comes the risk for some developing thunderstorms later in the weekend and during the early part of next, particularly in the far south.

“However, it will be remaining largely warm and summery for many and this will continue into much of next week too.

“We then expect another period of hot to very hot weather to develop during the final third of July, possibly a little earlier.

“This will then pave the way for what is likely to be a bumper hot August on our current indications.”


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