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Jessie Buckley stars as Moll, a tourist guide who is unhappy in work and life and considered the black sheep of a family headed by her cold, controlling mother Hilary (Geraldine James).

Hilary clearly has favourites among her children and Moll isn’t one of them.

Then along comes Pascal (Johnny Flynn), a handsome, mysterious bad boy who looks like trouble.

But Moll thinks she has found someone who understands her and will liberate her from the straitjacket of her interfering mother.

The prospect of star-crossed lovers in conflict with a disapproving family seems familiar enough but added spice comes when a string of murders takes place on the island and a teenage girl disappears.

How much does Moll know about Pascal and how far is she willing to go to protect him?

Strong performances from Buckley and Flynn keep you engrossed even as the fi lm settles down to a methodical police investigation into guilt or innocence.


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