Bitcoin price RISES to $6,300 as crypto currencies stage FIGHTBACK | City & Business | Finance



According to reports, Bitcoin witnessed a 9 percent price rise, Ethereum was up by 7.3 percent and Ripple 5.5 percent.

Bitcoin Cash rose 14.6 percent, and Cardano was also up 14 percent.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it had lifted a five-month cryptocurrency advertising ban on its platform.

The social media site, along with Google and Twitter, had imposed a crypto-ad ban which significantly impacted the market in 2018.

Previously the market slump had been blamed on a multitude of factors including South Korean hackers to market saturation. reported that when rumours began circulating of a Facebook ban in January, the value of cryptocurrency began to drop

When Facebook officially announced the ban on January 30, the market plummeted by £340billion – around 50 percent of its entire value.

Cryptoslate, a leading crypto site, published a report saying that the top 70 cryptocurrencies and turned from negative red to green rating in just 24 hours.

The top-20 cryptos enjoying a seven-day value increase included Bitcoin, Iota, Tether, Monero, Dash, Ethereum Classic and Ontology.

The rise in Bitcoin price on Friday belied that morning’s valuations, with Bitcoin currency dropping to $5,000.

But, the rise in price went against the predictions of the Bank of England.

Barclays Bank claimed that prices would fall further and, “the rout in crypto currencies is still not finished.”

Nevertheless, the price rose by $1,300 by that very same Friday evening – leaving investors much to mull over before the start of the new trading week.


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