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The panelists were answering a question from the audience about whether remaining in the Customs Union still counted as Brexit.

Labour’s Diane Abbott and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas both advocate close ties to the EU post-Brexit, with the Shadow Home Secretary claiming industry is “terrified” of losing business.

But comedian and BBC Radio 4 Presenter Simon Evans dismissed the fears, saying: “I don’t think staying the in the union will deliver Brexit as understood by the majority of the people who voted for it.

“Obviously it’s subjective but the people who voted for it, I suspect, intended to go create new contracts and new deals with the world-at-large.

“I do hugely sympathise with people who are terrified of what might happen if we leave the Customs Union or indeed the Single Market, I realise it will be a huge amount of paperwork at the very least – I break a sweat when I have to apply for a new parking permit.

“But I think we need to show some courage and some spunk on this occasion, I think we need to get out there and take on a new adventure rather than limp off with a half-hearted version of the one we were already in and weren’t satisfied with.”

To which the audience exploded into rapturous applause.

But Caroline Lucas said it was not an adventure but a “nightmare”.

She also said there was a good case to be made for a “people’s vote” to give people another chance to overturn Brexit.

The Bury St.Edmunds audience began to boo and heckle the Green Party co-leader.

Ms Lucas said: “I don’t know why you are booing democracy.

“What we are giving you is another chance to have another say on the deal.

“If you like the deal then by all means stay in. But if you don’t like the deal then it should still be an opportunity to remain inside the EU.

“Simon said we should have courage for this adventure.

“It’s all very well having courage for an adventure if we are having the lifestyles some of us do, but if you are losing your jobs, if you are seeing industries leaving your area then that’s not an adventure that’s a nightmare.”


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