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Speaking on Sky News, Mr Batten claimed a second referendum would overturn the result of the June 2016 one arguing it would be inconclusive in showing what British voters really want. 

The Ukip leader argued having a vote on the final deal reached by Theresa May with Brussels would only serve Remainers thwarting the whole Brexit process. 

He added that if the question in a second referendum were to be the same as the June 2016 one, the Leave vote would most likely reach more consent.

He said: “We’ve had the vote and don’t forget that all throughout that campaign Mr Cameron and everybody else said this is your vote, this is your final vote, we’re going to implement this decision.

“We’ve had two years of nothing very much happening, toing and froing with the European Union.

“If you had a second referendum now what would you have it on?

“If you had it on the deal, which is going to be pretty rubbish I think at the end of the process, Remainers will vote against it because they don’t want to leave and Leavers like me wouldn’t want to vote for it because we think it’s a rubbish deal.

“So the vote wouldn’t actually tell you anything.

“You’d have to have a second referendum on do you want to leave or do you want to remain.

“I don’t think that’s necessary because we had one, but I think if there was one you’d actually get a much higher vote now for Leavers.”

Confronted with three-way Brexit referendum on whether to Remain in the EU, accept Mrs May’s deal or leave the EU without an agreement, he replied: “That will overturn the result of the referendum.

“When we had the referendum there was no question of we’ll have another vote when the deal was worked out.

“There never was going to be a deal anyway, this whole thing about a mythical good deal from the European Union was eyewash in any case.

“It was never going to happen.”

A news Sky Data survey published on Monday showed that 78 percent of Britons think the Government should hold a new referendum before Brexit becomes official.

The poll also suggested the public is dissatisfied with Theresa May and her handling of the withdrawal, with 74 percent of the polled giving the Prime Minister a thumb down.

Mrs May, however, dismissed calls for a second referendum in the middle of her two-weeks walking holiday in Italy and Switzerland, saying there would be “no second referendum in any circumstances”.


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