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Brigitte Macron wore a long sleeved black dress which did little to show off her petite figure today.

The wife of Emmanuel Macron met Pope Francis during a visit to the Vatican.

She donned a long-sleeved black dress which was a far cry from her usual skinny jeans.

Keen to show her respects for the religious leader, she chose a shapeless look.

Her dress was high necked and pronounced at the shoulders. 

It fell past her knees, showing off her slender calves below.

She wore spike black stiletto heels in a patent material to add sophistication to her look.

Her eyes were made up in smudgy black kohl pencil liner as usual.

She wore a pale pink lipstick which added a touch of prettiness.

Her blonde hair was tied in a low messy bun, with strands escaping over her face.

Brigitte’s dress looked crumped as she walked, possibly from sitting down.

However, the ensemble as a whole was chic and appropriately solemn for the occasion.

She had a deep tan which prevented her from looking washed out by the all black ensemble.

Brigitte looked remarkably healthy last week with a deep tan as she strolled through Paris.

The wife of Emmanuel Macron looked as if she had come home from a long holiday.

She appeared slender and elegant in a blazer, shirt and jeans.

However, the appearance comes amid news of her husband’s controversial plans to build a £13,000 swimming pool at the presidential Brégançon fort in the Riviera.

The stylish French First Lady looked happy and relaxed as she made her way through the streets of Paris.

Her single breasted jacket looked smart with its silver buttons either side.

However, it was worn unfastened to prevent it looking too business like.

Underneath she wore a loose fitting white shirt unbuttoned at the neck.


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