Donald Trump ‘told Macron to pull France out of EU in return for US trade deal’ | Politics | News



The US President is alleged to have made the comments when his French counterpart visited Washington in April – a trip widely thought to have brought the two leaders closer together.

According to The Times, President Trump asked Macron during a private meeting: “Why don’t you leave the EU?”

The French President, a leading eurocrat and strong proponent of further European integration, is unlikely to have taken Mr Trump’s question seriously but the remarks represent yet another example of his disdain towards the bloc.

He recently told a rally in North Dakota: “We love the countries of the European Union.

“But the EU, of course, was set up to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank, right? 

“We can’t let that happen. Taking advantage of the United States is over.”

Trump’s attempts to discourage further EU integration, whether serious or in jest, are unlikely to have been met with a warm response across the Atlantic, particularly after the hostile G7 Summit earlier this month.

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