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He also won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in 2011. He has formed new alt-rock band INK. whose debut EP Heaven is out now. They tour from May 4.

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BLINK-182: blink-182 (Universal/Island)

This had all the poppunk melodies they are known for but was slightly more mature.

They are the reason I picked up bass guitar. I heard them live and they sounded like they were having the time of their lives.

I can still listen and hear things I’ve never noticed before.

NIRVANA: Nevermind (Polydor)

My aunt gave me this when I was 10. Even if you played these melodies on a glockenspiel they’d be timeless and incredible. Kurt Cobain was an amazing songwriter and the grunge sound was relatable to us as kids.

TAME IMPALA: Currents (Fiction)

What I love is that this is one guy who’s a real tech nerd, thinking totally out of the box but with real instruments. He gets an incredible dirty sound but there are clean vocals and a lot of grooves.


This is quite digital and they use retro video-game sounds and what sounds like a teaspoon hitting a mug. The album is a bit of a grower but sonically one of the most pleasing to listen to. It’s good for car journeys.

DEFTONES: White Pony (Warner)

Alternative rock. I’ve never got over the drum sound in Digital Bath and every time we go in a studio it’s one of the first songs we put on, just to hear that tightness. There’s an art to making a heavy rock album without it being a bunch of noise and Chino is an amazing frontman.

EMINEM: The Marshall Mathers LP (Interscope)

I was at school when this came out and it was THE album to have. He really shook up the music industry, rapping about controversial things but fun things as well. I find writing lyrics hard so, if I’m ever stuck, I put him on. He rattles them off, they’re easy to understand and tell a story.


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