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There is no better place to head than eBay when it comes to finding rare coins and other valuable collectables.

The online market place sees thousands of items listed everyday, with hundreds of rare coins up for grabs.

Whether-or-not they meet their high asking price is normally unknown, but a “rare” 50p was sold this morning on eBay for £650.

The coin was minted in 2010 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girlguiding UK.

The coin features a design of six clovers in a circular design around a smaller clover – which is the sign of Girlguiding.

Originally added to the auction site last week, the listing, added by eBay user thebeast0609 was put as “buy it now” for £650.

The listing’s description read: “This ad is for my girlguide hundred years celebration coin in good condition.

The seller has 100 per cent positive feedback and is based in St Athan, The Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Along with the just-sold 50p, thebeast0609 has 10 other listings for sale on eBay, including Jaguar and BMW car parts.

It is unknown who won the listing, but they paid a jaw-dropping 1300 times the coin’s 50p face value.

Despite the high listing and selling price, there are actually around 7 million of theses coins in circulation in the UK, with 7,410,090 minted in 2015.

The high circulation rate means it’s quite possible to have one of these 50ps hidden in your change.

Designed by Jonathan Evans and Donna Hainan, the coin was created to commemorate a true British institution.

The inscription on the face of the coin reads: “Celebrating one hundred years of girl guiding UK.”

From it’s introduction in 1910 the Girl Guides movement has seen millions of memberships throughout the world, and helps girls to get the best start in life and achieve their potential.

It is reported that in 1909 a few determined girls turned up at the first Boy Scout Rally asking for “something for girls”. Fast forward to 2009 and Girlguiding UK had over 555,000 members.

In the same year there were more than 10 million Guides around the world.

This week, another 50p coin sold for a sky-high £3,000. 

The coin was the Peter Rabbit 50p, featuring an engraving of the beloved Beatrix Potter character.

Minted in 2016, The Beatrix Potter 50p coins have proven very popular among the public.


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