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Ebay is your first port of call for buying and selling rare coins.

If you find a rare coin, it could be worth hundreds and even thousands to collectors.

One rare 50P coin is listed for the sky high sum of £220 on the website now.

It is a Kew Gardens 50p coin which is said to be uncirculated.

The coin is being sold by user blas2283 who has a 99.8 per cent positive feedback rating.

The listing information reads: “Brilliant uncirculated in mint condition.

“Taken from Royal Mint Year Set. Great Investment. Buy with confidence.”

The Royal Mint website provides some further information about this coin.

The description reads: “A design showing the pagoda encircled by a vine and accompanied by the dates “1759” and “2009”, with the word “KEW” at the base of the pagoda.

“In 2009 the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew marked its 250th anniversary as a botanical garden and The Royal Mint was proud to join in the celebrations with a splendid commemorative design.

“The reverse design, created by Christopher Le Brun RA, featured the famous Chinese Pagoda at Kew with a decorative leafy climber twining in and around the tower.”

It also says the Kew Gardens coin has a mintage of 210,000.

This makes it the “most rarest coin of any denomination”, according to the Change Checker website.

This isn’t the only rare 50p in circulation.

A rare 2005 Dictionary 50p coin is currently listed for £500 on eBay.

The coin is inscribed with a dictionary definition for the word “penny”.

It has the words “Johnson’s Dictionary 1755” at the bottom.

It is listed by eBay user jaminylan_0 who has 100 per cent positive feedback.

There are 19 people watching the listing, suggesting it is in high demand.

The Royal Mint website tells us the reverse of the coin was designed by Tom Philips and it was first created in 2005.


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