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Eugenie Bouchard, 24, also known as Genie Bouchard to her Instagram followers, showed off her long legs in a post.

The tennis star, who is generally found training or at the gym, posted a picture of herself taking a break on a plot of grass.

She wore sportswear for the photo opportunity, with her hair scraped back in a high ponytail.

The 5 foot 8 inch tall tennis star, who also works as a Sports Illustrated model, showed off her long, tanned legs in a pair of tight Nike short shorts.

The post was captioned: “Nothing *beats* grass court season”.

However, Eugenie’s 1.7 million followers were quick to point out that she had made a faux pas.

Her tan ended above her ankles, leaving white sock marks visible at the end of Eugenie’s legs.

This is likely a result of wearing sports socks with her tennis shoes when playing on the court.

One follower commented: “Are those tan lines just above the ankles?”.

Another wrote: “I like the indentation of your sports socks on your ankles”.

However, others complimented the picture of Eugenie despite the obvious faux pas.

One follower wrote “You’re such a beautiful woman Genie”.

Another praised Genie’s “toned” physique: “Nothing beat those toned thighs”.

Recently, Eugenie sent her fans in London into a frenzy with an Underground snap.

Eugenie posted a picture of herself on a London Underground platform standing in front of a tube.

The tennis star showed off her laid back attitude in taking the public transport, captioning the picture: “Ya I metro”.

She wore a pair of baggy ripped jeans for the photo opportunity, with her tanned legs showing through the holes.

She paired it with a cropped bright yellow jumper and a red bag, wearing her long, blonde hair in a casual low ponytail.

The post excited Eugenie’s UK based fans, with one follower posting: “Are you playing in the UK?”.

An eagle eyed fan cleared matters up with a very plausible theory that the picture was, in fact, taken last year.

The comment reads: “There were pics of her, in same outfit, with sister and cousins posted after Wimbledon last year.”


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