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Eugenie Bouchard played tennis for Canada in the Wimbledon Championships in 2014.

So will she be at Wimbledon again this year? The 2018 tournament will be held in Wimbledon, London from 2 July.

She has posted pictures in London recently, where Wimbledon is based.

She also won a Wimbledon qualifying match against Zhu Lin from China yesterday.

But this does not mean she will necessarily play in the tournament.

Some tennis players qualify automatically for Wimbledon, including the top 128 women and the top 128 men in the world singles rankings.

A number of wild cards are also given out to players who fall below this ranking. However, Eugenie did not qualify.

Her tennis game has declined in recent years since her 2014 performance.

She encountered a losing streak in 2015 following defeats in the Hopman Cup and Australian Open.

She also fell out of the Women’s Tennis Association top 100 rankings this year for the first time since 2013, and her singles ranking is currently at 191 in the world.

Therefore, Eugenie needs to win a second qualifying round until her place at Wimbledon is secured.

After yesterday’s victory, she told a reporter on the court that she was “happy” to be at the qualifying rounds.

The reporter said: “This is obviously a very special place for you, Wimbledon — the Championships, how hard has it been having been in a final there to come back and have to go through qualifying?”

“It’s not hard at all, I’m happy to be here,” Eugenie responded.

Playing tennis is not the only activity Eugenie has been doing in London.

Recently, Eugenie posted a picture with her cousin Mimi Bouchard, who stars on Channel 4 reality show Made in Chelsea.

Mimi featured in one of Eugenie’s recent Instagram posts, alongside the sports star herself.

The photo was taken outside Wembley Stadium in London, where the group had just visited a Taylor Swift concert according to a previous post on Eugenie’s Instagram account.

It was captioned: “ur newest girl band. coming soon to a stadium near u”. (sic)

The cousins posed playfully alongside friends Carol Zhao and Jenny Ren.


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