Facebook will stop showing minors ads for gun accessories



Facebook will soon prevent minors from viewing ads for gun accessories such as holsters, or magazines. The move comes amidst renewed focus on gun violence in the United States following school shootings in Santa Fe, Texas, Parkland, Florida, and others.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the company already bans ads for guns and modifications, but sellers can post ads for accessories such as gun-mounted flashlights, scopes, holsters, gun cases, gun paint, or slings. The company isn’t going to prohibit those ads, but it will require sellers to “restrict their audiences to at least 18 years of age or over.”

The company’s listed adverting policies don’t currently list the age restriction — that will change when the policy will take effect on June 21st.

Faceook’s updated ad policies, which will go into effect on June 21st.
Image: Facebook

The change comes amidst a larger discussion about the role of firearms in the US, especially in the wake of a number of high-profile shootings. Limiting the ads to users who are likely out of high school feels as though it’s an incremental step, but one that could cut down on the visibility of the items and accessories that make guns seem cooler.


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