Facebook’s latest Messenger update for iOS is making the app crash constantly



You should probably avoid installing the update that Facebook pushed out yesterday for Messenger on iOS. Many people have noticed that the app is crashing frequently after updating. For me, Messenger opens fine initially. But if I switch to another app and come back, it fades to black and crashes to the iPhone home screen. Tapping on notifications is also leading to the immediate crash for some. The problem has been reproduced by many of us here at The Verge.

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The app isn’t completely broken, mind you; you’re still able to chat with folks when it successfully opens after a crash. But this is still a pretty nasty bug and I’m sure Facebook is rushing to get a fix to the App Store with another update. One wonders how this wasn’t picked up by Facebook’s developer team. We could really use that sleek, simplified redesign of Messenger that’s supposed to be coming “very, very soon.”


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