German farmers demand €1 BILLION drought bailout as UK farms battle on against heatwave | World | News



German farming association DBV president Joachim Rukwied said that the drought has caused €1.4m of damage to grain crops this year.

But hot and dry weather has also led to problems with crops in Britain, France, Holland and the Baltic Sea countries.

And shortage of animal feed is looming after damage to maize crops and grass.

In Britain prices for carrots could rise and they may have to be imported from as far as Israel because yields are expected to be at least 30 percent down, the British Carrot Growers Association said.

Bread, potatoes, onions, milk and meat may also be in shorter supply than usual in the UK this year and prices could rise, farmers have said.

There is no expectation of a government bail out anywhere apart from Germany.

DBV president Mr Rukwied said: “Expensive animal feed will have to be purchased.”

German agriculture minister Julia Kloeckner said on German television that a clearer view of the national picture was needed and the government would await her ministry’s own harvest report in late August.

Ms Kloeckner said: “Then we will have a real overview of the situation in Germany.”

She added that regional state governments could provide local aid if needed.

Till Backhaus, the farm minister in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, called on the government to declare a state of emergency for farmers saying a decision in late August would not be fast enough.

German state and federal agricultural agencies are meeting today to discuss the drought and Kloeckner is due to report to the cabinet on Wednesday.


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