Guatemala volcano eruption: Volcan de Fuego prompts evacuation as lava ‘engulfs homes’ | World | News



The Central American nation’s disaster agency declared 3,100 people had desperately fled from nearby communities.

Volcan de Fuego’s second eruption of the year is plaguing an area in Guatemala with a population of over 1.7million people.

Shelters have opened for those scrambling from the horrifying natural disaster.

Ash has fallen into the nation’s capital, Guatemala City, in addition to regions of Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango and Escuintla.

The eruption sent frightening explosions of ash and molten rock spewing on Sunday.

At least seven people have been killed from Volcan de Fuego’s devastation.

Sergio Cabanas, a National Disaster Coordinator in the country, confirmed the number of dead and added an undetermined number of people have gone missing.

Leading officials in Guatemala insisted tolls of both injured and dead could rise.

Four died after lava engulfed a house in the village of El Rodeo.

Two children also died as they watched the eruption from a bridge.

The seventh victim of the frightening natural disaster was found in the streets of El Rodeo before they later died in an ambulance.

In Spanish, Guatemala’s volcano means “volcano of fire”.

It exploded just before midday local time on Sunday.

Eddy Sanchez, the director of Guatemala’s seismology and volcanology institute shockingly warned the temperatures of lava reached up to 700C (1,300F).

Video emerged shortly after the eruption of lava churning through the nation’s landscape at a frightening pace.

Volcan de Fuego last erupted in February and similarly plagued areas with black smoke and ash.


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