Gubernatorial candidate, Rispone, speaks to Cenla business leaders



PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) – One of three candidates for governor spoke at the North Rapides Business and Industry Alliance meeting in Pineville on Monday.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone spoke at NRBIA in Pineville. | Photo Source: KALB

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone, a conservative Baton Rouge businessman, made his case for the position in front of Central Louisiana business and community leaders. Rispone is one of three candidates running for governor including (D) Gov. John Bel Edwards and (R) Rep. Ralph Abraham.

Rispone said the state is moving in the wrong direction under the leadership of Edwards who he called a “tax and spend Democrat”.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out we are almost last in everything, and we are not moving up so that’s one reason,” said Rispone. “You asked the question ‘what direction’, we are not going up. We need to go up, we need somebody from the outside. We need a conservative to work with our legislature, someone who knows how to put the right people in the right agencies to get something done and move ourselves off the bottom. It is going to take someone with serious business skills and someone not beholden to special interests.”

The businessman also said he would push for a “limited constitutional convention” by 2021 to look at reforming parts of the state constitution.

“We have to turn our state around, and we have the chance to do it all at once,” said Rispone.

During his speech, Rispone did not mention or attack his Republican rival Rep. Abraham, but News Channel 5 did ask Rispone about Rep. Abraham after the speech.

“It boils down to resume,” said Rispone. “You have a conservative outsider. Someone with serious business skills, someone not dependent on special interests.”

Rispone also wants to focus on vocational training across the state.

“it’s good for the whole state,” said Rispone. “Most jobs require post-secondary education, not a four-year degree. We have ignored that for so many years. We need to create jobs.”

Rep. Abraham is set to speak at NRBIA on July 29 and Gov. Edwards is scheduled for August 26.

See our Facebook livestream of Rispone’s speak below:

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