Hawaii volcano eruption: Kilauea lava spewing at rapid pace 15mph | World | News



A United States Geological Survey video shows lava travelling at a massive 15 miles per hour as it exits a vent from the volcano.

Lava can even reach speeds of 40 miles an hour.

It shows the 8th of an enormous 24 fissures spewing out lava located in the lower east rift zone.

The eruption has lasted for more than a month.

According to Hawaii News Now, lava “bergs” as big as vehicles are apparently being caused by the volcano.

Spectacular events have occurred as a result of the continuing eruptions.

Islanders have witnessed green crystals falling from the sky.

Lava can be extremely dangerous and volatile when it comes into contact with other compounds.

As it reaches the ocean, lava strongly reacts with water and turns into glass shards.

This then creates steam plumes full of hydrochloric acid that, when touching skin, can feel like battery acid.

When it approaches the edge of the ocean, the lava is flowing about 1.5 miles per hour.

The volcano has now been erupting since the first spark of activity on May 3.

And it has dramatically changed the landscape of the island.

Gasses bellowing out of the volcano have been blown into residential areas having a big impact on air quality.

The eruptions have also spared bushfires as the heat continues to intensify across Hawaii.

A number of new fissures have also seen an increase in activity over the last 24 hours.


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