Henry Cavill teases Superman RETURN – Is it Man of Steel 2? WATCH | Films | Entertainment



After Justice League flopped, Cavill’s future as Superman hasn’t been exactly clear.

But now the star has shared a new workout video on his Instagram where he’s teased he’s getting back into shape to play a certain Man of Steel.

He wrote: “Working on the Super Buns! Whiiiiiiich if you vote for me in the Teen Choice Awards and I end up winning then you may or may not see them in a tight blue outfit much sooner!

“But totally probably. As an aside, please ignore the fact that I’m also 6 months pregnant with a baby made up entirely of cookies and pizza.”

Speaking to LA Times, Cavill said: “There’s a wonderful opportunity to tell the Superman story.

“Now there is a fantastic chance to show Superman in his full colours and tell a very complex, character-driven movie that is based on story and have that wonderful sensation of hope and happiness.”

A feel-good movie with lessons laced in there as well.”


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