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Fans in the US have been able to catch up with the superhero Parr family in cinemas since June 15. 

UK audiences have to wait a little longer until the Friday, July 13 release date. 

But it will be well worth the wait, after 14 years, as the Parrs return to screens with even more action than before. 

The film stars Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell and Samuel L. Jackson, who reprise their roles from the first film, while newcomers to the cast include Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener.

Spoiler alert: Incredibles 2 spoilers ahead

The second instalment in the 3D computer animated film picks up just about where the first left off. 

Three months after Syndrome’s defeat, the Parr family – Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack – continue operating under their secret superhero identity, the Incredibles.

Things take a turn for the worse as the family’s blundering attempts to stop the villain ‘Underminer’ from robbing banks leaves a trail of chaos. 

The result is the Incredibles being forced underground by politicians, with a ban on superhero activity. 

Then, a hero of their own: Winston Deavor, a marketing tycoon with a penchant for superheroes.

He has a vision of rebranding the Incredibles, getting the politicians to overturn the ban, and returning the Parrs to their former glory, while making Supers legal in the process. 

Is there an Incredibles 2 post-credits scene?

Unlike the Marvel universe, there are no post-credits scenes in the Incredibles world. 

However, as the film wraps up, a 2D animation of the Underminer makes its way across the screen. 

Could this be a sign that he remains at large, opening the door for Incredibles 3?

Cast members including Samuel L Jackson have said they’d be keen to reprise their roles. 

Director Brad Bird has hinted that there is definitely room for another instalment. 

He said: “There were a lot of ideas that we had on this film that could be [used]… whether it’s another Incredibles film, or something else.”

Producer John Walker said: “I would never rule it out.” 

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 14 years to catch up with the Parrs this time around. 


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