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Pixar fans have patiently waited for the animation giants to continue the story of Mr Incredible and his family.

The first film ended with a cliffhanger, seeing all five family members don their masks to tackle super-villain the Underminer.

Incredibles 2 begins exactly where the first film ended, with the still illegal superheroes attempting to prevent the Underminer from robbing a bank.

Warning: Incredibles 2 spoilers ahead

Superheroes in the world of the Incredibles remain illegal, and the Parr’s inability to catch the Underminer lands them in hot water with authorities.

Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack all share powers which they use to fight crime and prevent evil.

The most exciting part for some fans was the reveal of baby Jack-Jack’s abilities, as well as the return of superhero fashion mogul Edna Mode.

Spooky and most definitely evil super-villain Screenslaver is the latest enemy taken on by the superhero family, with new and exciting heroes with wacky powers introduced along the way.

Despite the superhero element, unlike the Marvel universe, the Incredibles lacks a post-credits scene.

However, as the film ends, a 2D animation of the Underminer makes its way across the screen, reminding fans that he remains at large and the family have yet to capture him.

Could this make way for the Incredibles 3? Fans would hope if it does they won’t have to wait 14 years to find out what happens next.

Director Brad Bird brought the release date for the Incredibles 2 forward, altering the storyline in the process.

This could mean we are still to see more of the Incredibles, with their now legal status as superheroes changing the course of their lives.

The Underminer could fit in well for a sequel, with Mr Incredible, Elastagirl and Frozone seeking justice for his bank robbery.

However, Pixar have reportedly decided to take a step back from sequels despite the success of Finding Nemo follow-on, Finding Dory.

Pixar seems to like to keep their fans waiting, with a 13-year gap between 2003 film Finding Nemo and 2016 sequel Finding Dory.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Pixar president Jim Morris stated there are no more sequels currently in development.

“Everything after Toy Story and The Incredibles is an original right now,” he said.

For nowthere remains no plan for an Incredibles sequel, but given the hype and length of time it took for the Incredibles 2, fans may not have to give up hope just yet.

The Incredibles 2 is released in the UK next month, with tickets already available to book at most cinemas.

Incredibles 2 is in UK cinemas Friday, July 13, 2018.


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