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Ivanka Trump, 36, attended a Republican lunch meeting at The White House yesterday with her dad Donald Trump, 71.

Reflecting the serious subject matter up for discussion, the mum-of-three wore a classic white shirt.

But sadly, the shirt did not flatter the pretty blonde, swamping her frame with too much material.

Pictures of Ivanka from the side showed the shirt hanging over the back of her skirt, as it was too big to even tuck in properly.

The First Daughter paired the shirt with a blue and white floral print skirt.

She wore her hair straight down over her shoulders, and kept her makeup simple, opting for lashings of mascara and deep pink lipstick.

Ivanka also chose not to wear any jewellery for the meeting, with not even her wedding ring on show.

President Trump was elated at the meeting attended by his daughter, and said the upholding of the travel ban “a tremendous success for Americans”.

This is the second working lunch at the White House Ivanka has attended in the past week.

Last Thursday, she wore an unusual blue dress for a meeting about economic reform.

Mum-of-three Ivanka looked animated throughout the meeting, gesticulating with her hands as she spoke in front of assembled cameras.

Donald’s oldest daughter wore a purple-blue dress with a high neckline and no embellishment.

The dress wasn’t completly plain, and it featured an unusual ruffled extra-large sleeve on her left side.

Ivanka kept her accessories to a minimum, wearing only a pair of earrings and a slim red band on one wrist.

Once again, she didn’t wear her weddings rings, with her fingers kept noticeably bare.

Is Ivanka coming to London with her father and Melania Trump in a couple of weeks?

In the White House the mother-of-three is known as advisor to the president of the United States, a title which sees her play an active role in Trump’s politics.

Having such an important role in the White House, Ivanka could join her father on his state visit to London in next month.

Ivanka often steps in to perform political duties in place of her father or step-mother, recently opening the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

With so much riding on this state visit, Ivanka could well accompany her father, bringing her charm and softer image to help build relationships with the UK.


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