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Very little is known about the new movie expect for the fact Daniel Craig is returning with Danny Boyle as director.

However over the last few days a source claimed Helena Bonham Carter is producers’ first choice for the main villain in Bond 25.

Meanwhile Jolie had previously been rumoured to be up for the role, something an alleged leaker on Reddit had been claiming.

has previously said: “I work in the film industry and know people tangentially connected to the world of Bond.”

Cumberbatch said: “Has he [been made director]? Is that news?

“When was that confirmed? Oh my god. I was away, I didn’t know. That’s very exciting.”

The interviewed pressed: “So he hasn’t been in touch? Well you have a great poker face. Is that something you’d be interesting in playing?”

Cumberbatch coyly says: “I couldn’t possibly comment. Danger lies that way of commenting doesn’t it?”

The alleged leaker also added: “Angelina Jolie may be out. I can’t verify. I keep hearing Golshifteh Farahani’s name at CAA in connection to the film.”

They had previously claimed Jolie was set to be the main villain, although Bonham Carter is now odds on for that role.

Meanwhile Golshifteh Farahani is an Iranian actress who played Shansa, the bald witch in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.

James Bond 25 will be released in UK cinemas on October 25, 2019.


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