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People never listen.

Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm already warned the US government that playing God would come back to bite humanity where it hurts and and now it is clear that our world is about to face very large teeth.

The Jurassic Park veteran is sadly only in small cameo scenes but his appearances are the key to what is coming. 

He said: “These creatures were here before us and, if we’re not careful, they’re gonna be here after. Welcome to Jurassic World.”

In fact, the the irrascible scientist will probably outlive everyone, man and dinosaur.

He has survived every threat so far and the star who brings him to life has already spoken on his hopes for returning in the third film in the new series.

Goldblum said: “Who knows? I’m curious about it… “If I can be of any service, that’s my posture and authentic feeling. I’ve kind of nosed around, ’cause I’ve had such a great time, and [Jurassic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow’s] so good. He’s awful good. I’d like to work with him more on anything. 

“I can imagine, but it’s up to them. Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael, who I think is writing the script with him…If nothing else happened, I’d be entirely satisfied and nourished and lucky and thrilled to have done all of this.” 

It looks certain humanity will be in desperate need of the good doctor after the Fallen Kingdom ending left the planet poised on the brink of a dino-disaster.

The captured dinosaurs were set free by the genetically engineered Maisie Lockwood and escaped into our world, including the the Tyrannosaurus and a Carnotaurus.

The main film ends with Blue cresting a hill overlooking an unsuspecting human town, but it is the final end credit scene which really hammers home what will happen next, as a flock of Pteranodon swooping around the Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower replica. 

The Jurassic world really has arrived and ours is in grave danger.

Many fans have already suggested that the sequel may pick up some years later, with humanity under threat from this new breed of genetically restored, and, in some cases,  reengineered creatures.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are already confirmed to return, but it seems impossible that Goldblum’s services won’t be needed one last time, too.



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