Lewis Hamilton is secret singer on new Christina Aguilera track



He has been working on his music for years but racing champion Lewis Hamilton is reported to have finally made his singing debut on Christina Aguilera’s new album.

The Formula One star recorded a track with the American singer for her eighth album Liberation.

Using the pseudonym ‘XNDA’ the 33-year-old duets with Aguilera on Pipe.

He is also credited as a writer on the track, which includes the raunchy lyrics: “You know I’ve got a wild imagination/ I like to play the Doctor Operation/ Spread it on the bed like a patient/ I’m about to show you domination.”

Aguilera and Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April, 2018
Aguilera and Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April, 2018

Aguilera has said in interviews that she was sworn to secrecy about the real identity of XNDA, but had been “dying for ev­eryone to find out as they’re definitely multi-talented”.

Hamilton is thought to have previously worked with Jay Z and Kanye West but this is the first time audiences have heard his voice.

Aguilera, 37, said she became friends with Hamilton after performing at an F1 concert. They were also pictured together at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April this year.

Pipe has been described by the New York Times as a “single-entendre” track, due to its raciness and explicit lyrics, in which XNDA sing-songs “up and down a few notes”.

The Genie In A Bottle singer gave her thoughts about the track in a tweet earlier this month, saying: “Love vibing out to this one- Had so much fun exploring different textures & tones in my voice stylistically.

“Tapping into a certain kind of flow and flirtation. This song is both wordplay and foreplay.”

Hamilton was previously in a long-term relationship with the singer Nicole Scherzinger but the two never spent time in a studio together.


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