London stabbing: Knife attack in Colliers Row, Romford leaves teenager dead – Met Police | UK | News



A fight broke out at a sixteenth birthday party booked at the local community centre.

Local councillor Jason Frost said several hundred teenagers arrived at the venue without supervision and were denied entry, leading to an altercation.

Police and paramedics rushed to the scene after a 14 year-old was stabbed twice but he is thought to have died of his injuries

Andrew Rosindell, Romford MP, has described the incident as “devastating”.

He said in a Facebook post: “I have visited Collier Row tonight to speak to Police at the scene of the incident.

“The stabbing took place at the corner of Lynwood Drive and Clockhouse Lane, now a murder scene.

“This followed a private event at the North Romford Community Centre.

“Coming so soon after the murder of the lady in Ashmour Gardens, this is devasting news for the residents of North Romford.

“We must now wait for all the facts about this incident to be released.

“Until then, our condolences must go to the family of the young boy whose life has so tragically been cut short on our streets tonight.”

The latest stabbing incident comes amid a widespread increase of knife violence across the capital in 2018.

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