Majorca holiday warning: Magaluf gang targeting drunk holidaymakers | World | News



The young muggers, aged around 17 or 18, deliberately bump into the tourists in a bid to steal possessions such as backpacks, handbags, wallets or jewellery.

If their target tries to resist, they are attacked.

A number of incidents were detected by the Civil Guard last year but there has already been an escalation this summer in what is being described as “a new phenomenon”.

They believe there are about 20 youngsters in the gang who make a beeline for Magaluf, particularly on a Friday and Saturday night. Their favourite haunt is the Punta Ballena strip and they usually work in groups of five or six.

Police say they are Mallorcans who know the area well and are calling their exploits “Make a Maga”.

Local residents say action must be taken in the same way as efforts to crackdown on prostitutes, drunken behaviour, bottle parties and high jinks.

Both Calvia council and the Civil Guard are pledging to try and change the image of the party resort with more patrols and new fines for a raft of offences under new “co-existence” rules.

Last month, the council processed 411 complaints for breaches, up on May 2017 when there were 345 complaints. 

Most of these were for illegal sales by street vendors but 34 fines were handed out to unauthorised masseurs on the beaches; 31, for consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads; 28, for possession of narcotic substances; eight for having sex on public roads and three for practicing nudism in unauthorised places.

The council is also getting tough by fining businesses for handing out publicity material in the street without prior authorisation.

The pubs and clubs involved could face a fine of up to 6,000 euros.

Promotions can only be carried out in four specific areas and the PRs have to wear official vests given out only when a licence is approved. They can then only tout between the hours of 6pm and 4am.


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