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Martin Lewis explained how to save as much as £480 on your broadband internet by making a quick phone call.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he revealed BT is hiking up its prices – but you could use it as an opportunity to save.

He said: “On Tuesday BT’s website revealed that it’d be increasing prices for the 2nd time this year from 16 September 2018 – effecting millions of its customers.

“Standard line rental will rise by £1/mth to £19.99/mth, unless you ONLY have BT landline (ie no broadband or tv packages with it), standard broadband will rise by up to £30/year, and calls to landlines will increase from 13p/min to 15p/min.

“And buried on a page only BT customers can get access to by logging into their account, it also indicates it’s sports subscription will rise by up to £54/year – though this hasn’t officially been confirmed.

“Yet in its contract, following guidelines from Ofcom, it says that if it rises price mid-contract you can leave penalty-free within 30 days from when you get your letter telling you of the rise.

“So if you want this do watch out for the letter – it should be sent via email or post over the coming few weeks.

“More so though, this provides the perfect opportunity for you to haggle.

“After all EE currently does home standard broadband and line for £17/mth (through certain comparison sites not direct) so ask it to match that.

“If it says no, then tell it you’re going to leave and ask to be put through to disconnections, known internally as ‘customer retentions’.”

“As their job is to keep you, they have much greater discretion to give you better deals.

“In fact, in my poll in November last year, 78 per cent of BT customers who tried to haggle said they’d succeeded.

“Last time it announced price rises many people succeeded in haggling it down like Diane who tweeted ‘@MartinSLewis you said 75 per cent who haggle with BT succeed.

“’So we rang: monthly payment reduced by £40 and new upgrade internet hub delivered! One sentence saving us £480 per year! Thank you.'”

He also explained that two bank switch bribes end this week so consumers should act fast.

He explained: “Banks are willing to pay serious money for you to switch to them, and if they’ll give you a (legal) bung, why not take it, especially as it often means improved service.

“Yet these offers tend to be cyclical, earlier this year they were on, then many ended, then back on, and now two big ones are ending.

“Yet don’t assume these are right for you see Martin’s full best bank account guide for a rundown of all the current offers, including First Direct, the UK’s no. 1 rated bank for customer service.

“And remember switching accounts is easy. Within seven days your old account is closed, any direct debits and standing orders are moved across and any payments going to your old account is auto-forwarded to your new one.

“Though note, when opening a bank account you will be credit scored.  To qualify for freebies most banks require a minimum monthly pay in (just a way of really setting a minimum salary amount) and you to switch direct debits to them.”


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