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Few stars dare to cross over between the Marvel and DC bg screen universes.

Leto is already established as the scene-stealing Joker from the DCEU Suicide Squad franchise, with more appearances still on the cards.

However, trade bible Variety has just reported that he will be swinging into the Spider-Man comicbook universe, too.

When he’s not wearing extraordinary red carpet outfits like at the recent Met Gala, the versatile star constantly chases challenging and left-field roles. So, it’s no surprise he will be playing another complicated and rather dark anti-hero.

Variety reported: “The Oscar-winning actor has signed on to star in Morbius, Sony’s latest entry into its Marvel-based, Spider-Man-centric universe of characters.

“Daniel Espinosa, the Scandinavian filmmaker who helmed Safe House and last year’s sci-fi thriller Life, will direct the feature, which has a script by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, the duo who created Netflix’s Lost in Space remake.”

Who is Morbius and will he overlap with the Avengers and larger MCU?

The rather grim name is the clue that the character is connected to death.

Morbius the Living Vampire was a scientist, Dr Michael Morbius, who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself. Unsuprisingly it did not go as planned and he developed a form of vampirism.

Morbius has the charming catch-phrase “The hunger” and thirsts for blood, as well as having the usual vampy fangs and super-strength.

As always in the comicbooks, he has been variously Spider-Man’s enemy and occasional (reluctant) ally. 

Morbius will not cross over into the larger MCU. He is part of the Sony big screen Marvel universe which also includes the upcoming Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy.

After a bumpy period with the second big screen Spider-Man, played by Andrew Garfield, Sony has found its footing. 

Venom and Morbius look set to explore a darker tone than the Marvel MCU. Whether they can avoid the DC pitfalls remains to be seen, but the talent involved is undeniable and encouraging.


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