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Meghan Markle, 36, copied Kate Middleton, 36, who is now her sister-in-law, in a bid to impress Queen Elizabeth II today.

The newest member of the royals, who has been given the title of Duchess of Sussex, visited Cheshire today alongside the Queen.

She followed a number of key style lessons from the Duchess of Cambridge. Having been married to Prince William since 2011, Kate is often held up as an example of royal style etiquette.

From her nude nails to her sleek, wavy blow dry, Meghan paid homage to Kate’s style cues throughout the years.

Clear tights

Meghan wore clear tights as part of her outfit today. It is believed the Queen considers tights essential for royal women, and Kate is unfailingly seen wearing them when her legs are on show.

While Meghan broke the Queen’s style rule shortly before she married Prince Harry, it appears she is now following Kate’s lead.

Pale pink nails

There is a single shade of nail polish the Queen is said to approve of: Ballet Slippers by Essie.

Her Majesty has worn this colour since 1989 and Kate Middleton began wearing it once she became a royal.

Meghan wore a pale pink shade on her nails today which looked just like the Essie’s colour.

Kate Middleton’s hair

While Kate’s hair length has changed over the years – from extra long to a shoulder length bob – the style has remained the same.

Kate has always worn her hair in sleek, voluminous waves through her time in the public eye.

Meghan’s hair today was a throwback to Kate’s long, wavy style before she went for a shorter cut.

Stiletto heels

Kate is rarely seen without stiletto heels for official appearances.

While wedges might be a more comfortable choice for a day of engagements, it is known the Queen disapproves of this style options.

“The Queen isn’t a fan of wedged shoes,” a royal source told Vanity Fair.

“She really doesn’t like them and it’s well known among the women in the family.”

Unsurprisingly, Meghan wore a pair of sleek black stiletto heels today to complete her outfit.

Clutch bag

Kate always carries a clutch bag when she is on royal engagements.

This is apparently to avoid shaking hands with people when necessary.

Although Meghan has previously had a more tactile relationship with the public than Meghan, she too carried a clutch bag today.


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