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Archie, who was brought back to life three times when he stopped breathing, weighed just 1Ib 13oz and his brother was 2Ib 5oz.

A bag of sugar weighs just over 2lb.

Their proud mum Katie, 41, who is married to Scott, 43, a policeman, said: “The boys have done incredibly well, we’re so proud of them.

“We dress them in their little Superman outfits and that’s exactly what they are.

“They have fought a massive battle for survival and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them home with us safely.”

The boys spent 13 weeks in hospital after they were born last September before the couple could take them Harry, left, and Archie, with mum in hospital home to Galashiels in Scotland.

They are now going from strength to strength – Harry weighs a healthy 24lb and Archie 21lb.

Their battle for survival began when Mrs Finlay, a nurse, went into labour at about six months pregnant.

Scans showed the blood supply to Archie was diminished, which was life threatening for him.

“We hadn’t been expecting me to go into labour so early, so Scott rushed me into the Royal Edinburgh Hospital,” she said.

Doctors were unable to stop the labour and Mrs Finlay gave birth to her sons naturally before they were rushed to intensive care.

“It was frightening to see how small they actually were,” she said.

“They were covered in tubes and we just had to pray they would be strong enough to fight through.

But they managed it and are now at home with us getting stronger each day.” The couple were thrilled when they discovered they were expecting twins.

Mrs Finlay said: “I’d already lost two babies through miscarriage in 2015, so it was amazing when we saw there were two heartbeats on the screen. We felt so incredibly lucky.

“They may have had an early start in life, but they aren’t letting anything hold them back. They have such a strong bond between them.”


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