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The Warriors successfully defended home court to take a 2-0 lead heading into Cleveland on Wednesday night.

While Game 1 was a close call, Game 2 was much more comfortable for Golden State with Kevin Durant enjoying a much more efficient night on the shooting end.

But it was Curry who stole the limelight as he got it going from beyond the arc.

He ended with a NBA Finals record of nine three-pointers and 33 points and one shot in particular got the entire crowd inside the Oracle Arena on their feet.

With little over seven minutes left in the third quarter, Kevin Love had seemingly done enough to force Curry back towards the halfway line.

However, the two-time MVP was somehow able to step back with the shot clock winding down to shoot a high-arcing three leading to loud cheers from the home crowd.

Curry has made a career out of hitting some obscene shots from distance and he admits he never plans them.

“In that situation I was trying to get some space,” Curry said.

“I thought I had a lay-up at first and I fumbled the ball and tried to see where the defence was, Kevin Love was right on me.

“I actually lost the dribble for a hot second and the only way to get a shot was to keep going back.

“I try all sorts of shots at one point or another but at that point it’s just feel and thankfully it went in.

“A big moment where we had a significant lead and we could extend it down the stretch… it was a cool moment for sure.”


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