NBA playoffs: Russell Westbrook HITS fan in furious bust-up after OKC loss | Other | Sport



Utah went into the game 3-2 up in the series with the Thunder aiming to take it into a Game 7.

Westbrook attempted to take the reins and ended with 46 points and 10 rebounds while Steven Adams also contributed 19 points and 16 rebounds.

But it wasn’t enough against the resilient Jazz side led by rookie Donovan Mitchell who shot 53.8 per cent from the floor with Utah winning 96-91.

The Vivint Smart Home Arena erupted at the round of the horn with Westbrook keen to make a quick getaway from the court.

As the 29-year-old made his way back to the dressing room one Utah fan clearly got too close for comfort.

The fan could be seen holding his phone up to Westbrook as he walked by and the 2017 MVP took exception to it and angrily swiped his hand at the supporter.

It is not known whether the Jazz fan was taunting him as well but Westbrook was clearly irate.

And security guards had to step in to restrain the Thunder point guard to stop things escalating.

Asked about the incident after the game, Westbrook didn’t hold back in criticising the Jazz fanbase.

“I don’t confront fans, fans confront me,” Westbrook said.

“Here in Utah, man, a lot of disrespectful, vulgar things are said to the players here with these fans. It’s truly disrespectful. (They) talk about your families, your kids. It’s just a disrespect to the game and I think it’s something that needs to be brought up.

“I’m tired of just going out and playing and letting fans say what the hell they want to say. I’m not with that. If I was on the street, they wouldn’t just come up to me and say anything crazy, because I don’t play that (expletive).”


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