New Music Tuesday For June 2019 With Waterloo Records



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Patrick Floyd of Waterloo Records stopped by Studio 512 to tell us about what’s new at the store this week.

Calliope Musicals is releasing an album called “Color/Sweat.” They just did an in-store performance at Waterloo. They’re an awesome local band…and they came prepared! They brought their own stage lights, fog machine, & closed with a surprise launch of a confetti cannon to the delight of the crowd.

Bill Callahan is releasing a new album, called “Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest.” Fans of the band Smog will recognize his name. Callahan got his start with underground rock. His new album is getting positive reviews for its relaxed style with some country leanings.

Here are the in-store performances at Waterloo this week:

Artist: Texas Horns
Title: “Get Here Quick”
In-store performance Tue (6/18) @ 5:00 PM

Artist: Eric Tessmer
Title: “EP II”
In-store performance Thu (6/20) @ 5:00 PM

Artist: Will Beeley
Title: “Highways & Heart Attacks”
In-store performance Fri (6/21) @ 5:00 PM

In-store performances are free and open to the public. To learn more about new releases and other upcoming in-store performances, check Waterloo Records out in person at 600 North Lamar Boulevard. For more information, go to, or call (512) 474-2500.


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