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Optical illusions play tricks on your brain causing you to see things that aren’t really there.

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A good optical illusion will leave you scratching your head while you wonder why your brain is playing tricks on you.

Such is the case with a particular picture shared on Imgur, which boggles your mind with its pattern.

The zebra striped image consists of countless concentric circles which leaves your eyes swirling around.

The viewer is left wondering what is really going on, with some deeming the pattern “hypnotic”.

The circles go smaller and smaller as you look towards the middle of the design.

Something causes the viewer to see this pattern as a moving image.

However, it is not moving at all – it is in reality completely still.

What is causing this effect to go on? There is a clue in the middle.

Another circle, separate from the concentric circle design, is laid on top of the pattern.

It has a number of vertical lines through it, which are slightly curved towards the left.

Uploaded to image sharing site Imgur, the pattern is captioned simply: “Hypnotic”.

It has had 450 views since it was posted last week, and it has been upvoted twice.

Do you see the strange optical illusion that takes place when you look at it?

It is likely your sight will temporarily blur if you stare for a period of time.

Earlier this month, another circular optical illusion had the internet scratching their heads in confusion.

Posted on image sharing platform Imgur by user @ottaken, has gone viral because it makes the viewer question what they are seeing.

The pattern at first looks like it is made up of many black and white squares arranged in a circle shape.

It consists of four circles arranged inside each other on a pale grey background.

However, something strange happens when you look at the centre of the pattern.

Out of nowhere, the circles seem to be moving and swirling around despite the image being still.


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