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Celia McCorquodale, 29, got married this weekend to George Woodhouse in a country wedding in Stoke Rockford, Lincolnshire. 

Celia is the daughter of Princess Diana’s eldest sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, and married her groom wearing the iconic Spencer Tiara. 

The tiara was worn by Princess Diana herself on her wedding day to Prince Charles in 1981, and is a Spencer family heirloom. 

Diana wore the now iconic tiara to hold in place her delicate veil, which formed part of her famous wedding look. 

Celia looked the spitting image of her late aunt, with her same signature dusty blonde locks, swooping side fringe and beaming smile. 

The bride also wore the tiara to hold in place a long, netted veil, again showing off her family resemblance to the late Princess of Wales.

Keeping things very traditional, her dress featured a lace bodice along with lace sleeves and a full, floor-length skirt.

However, it was the glistening Spencer tiara that stole the show.

The tiara has been in the Spencer family for almost 100 years, a wedding present given to Diana’s grandmother, Cynthia Spencer in 1919.

Gifted to Cynthia by Lady Sarah Spencer, parts of the tiara are reported to be made from a jewel that belonged to Frances Manby in the 18th century, the last Viscountess of Montagu.

It is reported that the tiara was enhanced in 1937, with extra jewels added to the frame resulting in the floral diamond design it has today.

Along with Diana, the tiara has been worn by many women in the Spencer family, including her two sisters who chose to wear it on their wedding days.

The Spencer tiara was also worn by the three wives of Diana’s brother, Charles, Earl of Spencer on each of their wedding days.

Newlyweds Celia and George attended the wedding of her cousin Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last month.

Meghan and Harry returned the favour by attending Celia’s countryside affair, with Meghan wearing a Bohemian blue and white maxi dress. 

With the Spencer tiara being such a important heirloom for the Spencer women, it is unsure if Meghan will ever wear the tiara herself.

Instead of wearing her groom’s late mother’s wedding tiara on her special day, Meghan opted for the Queen Mary Lozenge Bandeau tiara. 

Having not been worn in the public for decades, the tiara originally belonged to Queen Mary, the wife of King George V.

Also not stepping into Spencer domain, Kate Middleton chose a Cartier Halo Tiara for her nuptials to Prince William in 2011.

Made in in 1936, it was worn by the Queen Mother before being handed down to the Queen – who has notably never worn it in public. However, the monarch leant the piece to her sister Princess Margaret, who wore the tiara often.


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