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Property for sale can be boosted in value by one estate agent trick – and it’s all about the hallway.

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First impressions matter, and the hallway is where buyers will get their first true sense of the house they purchasing.

As such, there are a number of design tactics you can implement to sell your home fast and boost its value.

Making sure your hallway is clean is the first step, as no buyer walking into a dirty home is likely to make an offer.

Clean carpets and walls, and remove any clutter from the hallway.

This includes coats and shoes, giving buyers a chance to imagine their own possessions in the space.

Estate agent Elizabeth Humphreys from Yopa told MailOnline how a hallway could be key to selling your home.

She said: “You only have to make some small tweaks in the hallway to sell the whole house. Making sure it is clean and tidy is important as you don’t want your buyers to feel grubby when they walk in.”

She added: “If you have furniture in your hallway that you need to move around to get through to the rest of the house, make sure it is removed from the house while the property is on the market.”

She also gave a clue as to what kind of hallways you should avoid when buying a property, lest you have problems selling it in the future.

She said: “Some people simply won’t buy a house if there is a front door that leads almost straight onto a staircase.

“People tend to like some space when they enter a property.”

Ideal Home listed a number of ways you can maximise a small hallway.

They suggest adding a runner to a narrow hall or staircase.

Adding a large print to a hallways or plants can also help to enhance a hallway, the property magazine suggests.

Potential landlords may be questioning where to invest in buy-to-let

A recent survey revealed the best areas to invest.

Many will be surprised to learn that London is not an area where there are big profits to be made – despite sky high rent.

In fact, Liverpool is the best city to buy-to-let in.

The research revealed that an influx of students in the area has caused a booming rental.


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