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In a major new interview, May and Taylor open up about the band’s legacy, give incredible insights into recording some of their greatest (and other lesser-known) tracks and what it was really like working with Freddie. With the incredible success of Bohemian Rhapsody at the box office and the reminder of how remarkable Freddie was as a performer on stage and in front of the camera, it is tempting to wonder what he would have been like on film. The two remaining (active) members of Queen immediately shoot that idea down. With great affection, of course.

It starts with May describing the colourful dramas in the recording studio, which were captured in the film.

May told Mojo: “There was a crucial moment when I was in the control room, Freddie was in the studio and I kept asking him to try different things and he said, ‘Oh f**k it, darling! No, I’ve done it.

“Then he would come into the control room, listen back to his vocals and go, ‘It’s rubbish’ and do it again. He’d do the same with me when I was trying to record a solo.”


The crucial part was that Freddie never found the comfort and trust with any other creative collaborations. Nobody else would say no to him, and he would never allow anyone else to question his creative process or his decision to stop.

It was why Queen always came back together.

Taylor says this is why he could never have been a film star: “I don’t think Freddie would have had the patience. Freddie was never one for doing the same thing twice.”

May also revealed Freddie had been made an offer to do his own production once.

May told Classic Rock: “He didn’t have the patience. He was offered a residency in the West End at one point, and he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it. How many shows a week?’ They said, ‘Eight.’ And he said, ‘I’ll do a couple.’

“He didn’t like repeating stuff. Patience was not one of Freddie’s virtues. I think he would have found it difficult turning up every day on the set. I don’t think that would have lasted long.”



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