Royal Ascot 2018 Ladies Day: WORST dressed Love Island’s Olivia Atwood | Style | Life & Style



Royal Ascot Ladies Day is a an exciting day of the year for fans of the races.

Some look stunning and stylish at the big event, but there are others who made fashion faux pas.

These Ascot fans misjudged their outfits today.

Olivia Atwood of Love Island fame made it onto the worst dressed list thanks to her enormous and gaudy hat covered in love hearts.

She added a tight baby pink dress.

What is more she sported a huge bruise on her arm.

Another young lady in a red dress look okay, aside from her hat.

Although it was crafted to look like a lily, it looks more like a lettuce.

A couple wore a co-ordinating rainbow striped outfits, a garishly bright combo.

The worst dressed at Royal Ascot yesterday included model Lizzie Cundy, 48, who did not look her best in a gold and red dress. 

The hats continued to baffle and amazing as women arrived with bigger and bigger designs.

One woman wore an enormous hat with huge botanical leaves and a life-size toucan on it.

One lady’s hat was shaped into the form of a beehive, with fake insects buzzing around it.

Similarly attracted to the creepy crawlies, one woman’s hat was adorned with huge yellow butterflies.

Wildlife is clearly hugely popular in headwear. One woman wore a hat with faux birds while another’s headdress was made of huge feathers.


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