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The royal baby of Kate Middleton and Prince William, their third son, has yet to be named to the public.

Numbers that have been suggested are Arthur, Alexander and James that are all still in the running.

Bookies favourite has seen Alexander soar, yet Arthur remains the favourite of 2/1.

James has odds of 4/1 whilst Philip has odds of 6/1.

Determining a name for their son can be difficult, as an expert revealed: “Royals don’t tend to reuse names that are currently in use.”

Yet Kensington Palace have dropped the biggest hint so far as to what the baby name could be.

The royal website,, appears to have revealed the name as Prince Albert.

When typing in Prince Albert to the url, the page states “Access Denied”.

Yet if trying similar names such as Prince Alexander or Prince Arthur, it says “Page Not Found”.

This could suggest that the page for the young prince has already been created yet is not accessible to the public.

William and Kate are yet to confirm what their third child is called.

The most recent Prince Albert in British history was Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, Queen Victoria’s husband.

After marrying at 20 years old, he became Prince Consort to the throne.

He was born in 1819 and died at a fairly young age in 1861, to which Queen Victoria was devastated and wore black for the rest of her life to show her mourning.

The Prince was known to take an active interest in public causes such as abolishing slavery and education reforms.

He too named one of his sons Prince Arthur, along with Prince Alfred.

The late announcement of the name of the royal baby has surprised many, although the reasons behind it could suggest wanting to avoid conflict with other events.

Normally, the couple announce the name two days after the birth. However, with this being on Wednesday, this would have been on Anzac Day, which remembers fallen Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the First World War.

Yesterday, the announcement of Prince Harry asking Prince William to be his best man for his wedding next month to Meghan Markle.

It is thought that the royal baby name could be announced today, yet it’s grandfather, Prince Charles is yet to meet it until the weekend.

This could delay the annoucenment until next week.


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