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When searching the URL, users are greeted with a page that reads “ACCESS DENIED – You are not authorised to access this page”.

Users are directed to the exact same page when they replace the name with, “Charlotte” or “George” in the url link.

When net surfers keyed in other options, such as Arthur or Alexander, they were presented with a page that read “PAGE NOT FOUND – the requested page could not be found”.

Joining the pieces of the puzzle, millions of Brits assumed Prince William was “dropping hints” that the royal baby would be named Albert.

Yesterday, bookies called the name in favour for Albert with odds dropping to 1/3.

Arthur was also pushed back to 11/4 and Alexander was called 8/1 in shot.

After the Kensington Palace announcement, the website set-up left many on Twitter speculating it was a trick by the Royal Family.

Sam Horowitz wrote: “So was the Prince Albert section on the Royal website a clever head fake?”

Guy Lodge wrote: “Bit disappointed we’re being denied a lifetime of Prince Albert jokes. The Royal Family really is no fun at all.”

Kensington Palace used the website,, to keep Britons updated with the newborn’s details.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept Royal fans guessing as the baby’s name remained a secret.

With the name Louis Arthur Charles revealed has put an end to a week of curious speculation.


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